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Darlac Secateurs
Darlac Secateurs



Showa Floreo 370 Gardening Gloves
Showa Floreo 370 Gloves
"I am a landscape designer and have been using these gloves for the last two years" .. read more

Brother Labelling Machine
Brother Labelling Machine

Lambswool Tartan Rug

Lambswool Tartan Rug


Haws 1 Ltr Watering Can
Haws 1 Ltr Watering Can

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Welcome to Wells & Winter!
Plant Labels, Garden Tools & Gardening Accessories

Wells & Winter have been in the business of supplying quality plant labels for more than 20 years.  Many of our different shapes and sizes of plant labels are only available from us.  We are gardeners ourselves.

**FREE delivery on orders over £99 (UK only)**

We are always very happy to supply free samples of our plant labels before you make a decision or you can call us to discuss your ideas. Email or phone for samples.

plant labels
Aluminium plant labels plastic plant labels copper plant labels slate plant labels zinc plant labels
  • Aluminium Plant Labels. Anodised Aluminium labels are softer than Zinc and don't take engraving so well. They have a shiny(ish) finish and a more modern feel to them than Zinc. Aluminium looks good in pots.

  • Plastic Plant Labels. Plastic Labels are the work horse of the label family. Cheap and durable plant labels, they are great value and give lasting plant identification. Read more..

  • Copper Plant Labels. Thin Copper tags are wonderfully soft and are embossed simply by writing on them with a biro (It is the impression you are after rather than the ink.); other shapes of copper plant label are thicker and suitable for marking in a variety of ways.

  • Slate Plant Labels. French slate from near Angers in the Loire valley - a beautiful natural material which is very durable and blends in well in the flower beds. Slate labels can be marked with a silver or white paint pen, tape from a machine or simply scratched with a hard point.

  • Zinc Plant Labels. The neatest, classiest and most durable labels are Zinc - a discrete matt grey. Read more..

    As well as plant labels we also stock a range of quality garden tools and gardening accessories including Darlac secateurs, Flexi-Tie, Showa Floreo gloves and Brother Labelling Machine. See also our new 'Al fresco' range of Picnic plates, Lambswool rugs and wraps.


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Pop-up Cages/Cloches

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