KV1  Showa GPKV1 Pruning Glove  


Showa GPKV1 Pruning Glove

Originally designed for industrial applications, such as working with glass, the GPKV1 offers considerable protection against cuts and punctures and is therefore well suited to pruning roses and other thorny plants.
In the context of these gloves "Individual

The glove is made from seamless knitted Kevlar - a breathable material - with a latex coating to palms and fingertips for added grip. Kevlar is used in many applications including Police anti-stab vests.

Unlike some other "thornproof" gloves the KV1 offers a great degree of flexibility and sensitivity - you still retain a sense of touch and can still pick up small objects. However there is always a compromise to be made so if it is delicate work you are set on then the Showa Floreo 370 is a better bet (whilst offering less protection against thorns etc).

The gloves are washable at 40 degrees.

In the context of these gloves "Individual" in the drop down quantity menu below means a complete pair of gloves - ie a right and left hand.


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